NFT Artist : Kibo

Name : Kibo
Twitter : @Kibodesigns
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Red Paradox

Kibo is a French 22-year-old artist and designer. He joined the NFT world in 2020 where his journey started thanks to one of his friends who introduced him to it and paid his first minting fees.
Kibo created a world around a character named ø.
ø is an anonymous digital being that explores all kinds of concepts and environments. It’s a way for Kibo to explore and create a world that anyone can dive into thanks to its small character.

Kibo is inspired by his environment, by what he discovers thanks to the internet, mainly games, music, architecture.

Underground Journey

Kibo really likes to create a natural environment parasitized by cubes, he likes how it express his way of seeing things, these cubes are representing the digital world more precisely; the pixels in a 3D forms as if they where slowly becoming real and soon invading our world (“It’s probably already a fact”).

I felt upside down

This piece is a really important piece for Kibo as it conceptualize how he changed his way of seeing things as an artists when he discovered the NFT space as if two world where about to collide.

Blue Paradox

A piece from his “Paradox Collection” a collection of 7 pieces about what is real and rational, but in a space where there’s a difference between what you perceive and what is real. Kibo collaborated with 3 other french artists (Emma Vauloup, Thomas Travert and Requa) to create this collection of impossible objects.


His SuperRare genesis piece, this piece hold a deep meaning for Kibo as it’s a representation on his doubts and fear as a young artist in the art world in general.

He mostly works in 3D (Blender) and 2D (Photoshop, Illustrator) as well as some sound design with FL Studio. But he’s using all kind of mediums to create. He does not only work digitally, all means are good for him to realize his vision. (Drawing, collages, sculptures, photography)

Kibo is creating the O’verse

A big project around the ø character he has been creating a piece everyday since more than 270 days representing a little world with ø in it.
These piece wil be available as NFTs on
You’ll find all the info on it you can also join the O’verse Discord to discover more about the adventure of ø and Kibo.

If Kibo could give an advice to other artists starting out it would be:
“Art is a way of speaking, art is a conversation you need to engage with people in the space.


“Art is a relationship with yourself and the outside world.”

– Kibo

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